It’s been a while since we posted an update. So, what have we been up to? A few weeks ago, Mercedes flew over to Bozeman so we could do a Rebelle practice weekend together. The weekend was broken up into 2 parts. During the first part of the weekend, we organized a packing list, figured out what equipment we still needed to procure and most importantly, practiced plotting together. It was important to us that we both be proficient at each other’s roles so we can help each other out where needed. For the second part, we headed down to St Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho for some driving and basic navigation practice. While looking for a campsite late Saturday night after rolling in, we spotted a Honda Accord in the sand, only a few feet from the road. These little cars aren’t great in the sand, needless to say, and these folks had gotten quite stuck! With our piles of recovery gear, it was an easy process to pull them out. The next day, we really got to work. We aired down, zip tied our safety flag to the rear bumper, made sure the essentials were accessible and decided on our first checkpoint of the day. We spent a very long day in the dunes, found some geocaches, made good use of our maxtrax and rear locker, and got a few good photos in too! We got a lot more comfortable communicating as a team. This weekend, we’re headed to Glamis for 3 full days of sand dune training with Rebelle U. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see our progress throughout the weekend, and stay tuned for another update! This will be our last chance to drive in the Tacoma together before the Rebelle itself, which is only a month away.